UBI Meaning In Text

“UBI” stands for “Unexplained Beer Injury.”

What does UBI mean?

Abbreviation “UBI” means “Unexplained Beer Injury.” It’s usually someone referring to having a fun night and waking up the next morning with a bruise or something else.

It is not considered to be work appropriate. And it is not considered to be child safe. And that’s because of the reference to drinks that are for ages 21+.

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
UBI Unexplained Beer Injury Explanation
Safe for work Safe for children
No No
Snapchat meaning Instagram meaning
Unexplained Beer Injury Unexplained Beer Injury
Year it began trending Primary community
20119 Social media and text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • “Woke up with a UBI!”
    • Emotion: Explanation
    • Intention: For this example someone might say this if they woke up with a bruise or something else that’s unexplained.
  • “Totally a UBI! LOL!”
    • Emotion: Silly
    • Intention: We can see this in this example the person is saying “UBI” in reference to something odd that happened while they consumed beer.

Popularity over time