What is penis envy? How to grow penis envy shrooms?

What is penis envy? How to grow penis envy shrooms? Have you ever heard and seen penis envy? If not this is only for you.P.E. is for people that are attending to hold a complete hallucinogen experience. It is a very powerful combination of the Amazon and a kind of the Psilocybe Cubensis strain. 

The mushrooms are normally short, and the lid fully exposes similar to traditional cubensis that is nearly to shed spores. The substrain carries inferior heredity to the earlier legendary strain that it already occurred. This is often due to inadequate spore acquisition methods. Spore hucksters will usually get the simple form out and barely get spores from the gills of mushrooms that have unlocked caps so that people don’t have to trim them open to get the spores. Penis envy is assumed the view related to a penis. 

Potency of penis envy

This strain is supposed to occur as an ultra-potent, seldom called the usual potent of all the mystical mushrooms. Some mortals consider that the enhanced strength is because Penis envy is an “oddity,” but the candor of the material is simplistic. The effect of the creeping fullness is a longer shutter of psilocybin generation, thus the mushrooms are proficient of, and usually do contain more extra psilocybin gram than normal cubensis mushroom strains. Penis Envy shrooms are the powerhouse of magic mushrooms.

How to grow

For the initial bloom, you require to accumulated 121g of certain blobs, which condensed to 22g, or about 18% of their damp weight. It is 8% greater as compared to the original mushrooms develop. These blobs are innoxious to have. It is considered that 30g will be harvested within the following 5 days. The second flush is more likely to produce real mushrooms.

You need to follow these steps to grow penis envy; 

All you need to;

Prepare 6 rye grain quart jars

  • Utilize a screwdriver plus a mallet (or drill) to create a 1/4″ opening into the top of the container

  • Get manufactured filter plates to put between the cap and the screw lid

  • 1 1/4 cup feed and 1 1/2 cup liquid per jar, and a tablespoon of gypsum. 

  • Dip for 24 hours

  • Midden contents of whole jars into pressure cooker 

  • Add water and begins to heat for 10 minutes

  • Wilt all the pellets very well, so that while you press a gauze to the pellets it does not become damp. 

  • Place the grain back within the quart jars

  • Immunize 6 rye pellets jars with a syringe

  • Utilizing a glove box, insert each jar with approximately 1mL of solution 

  • Do not smear it throughout

  • Wait till 10% of grain is planted 

  • Then shake it

Create a mono tub


  • Use a 60-quart transparent synthetic tub or anything above 45 quarts will run

  • Pour about 15 quarts of water into the tub

  • Trim four 2″ holes about 6 to 7 inches in planes of the tub

  • Mark the length of the water. 

  • Trim two 2″ to 3” holes in the center 

Bucket pasteurization

  • Combine 1/2 cup gypsum to the coir

  • Mix before adding water

  • Cover the whole tub in a black trash bag Close by a rubber band

  • Do not open for 10 days.

Casing layer 

  • Pack the base holes with Polyfill 

  • Carefully put polyfill in the head holes 

  • Store the tub within 68 and 75 degrees

  • Diffuse the partitions and plastic coat 

  • Try to hold moisture as high as probable.

  • Keep LED lights on the tub 12 hours a day

  • Light should be 6500k

  • Expect 10 days for settlement of the substrate (actually took 17 days)

  • 9 days after complete colonization, the first “mushroom” appears up



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