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when is the best time to take reishi?

Reishi mushrooms are beloved in the world of functional mushrooms and holistic health. Revered for centuries for its profound potentials in the human body and human spirit, reishi mushrooms appear in royal art and textiles as far back as the Han Dynasty. In this article, learn all about reishi, and the best time to take reishi as a supplement!

Reishi Mushroom, My First Fungal Friend

Years ago, I became intrigued by mushrooms in general, particularly ones with supportive health and wellness offerings, and wanted to try them out for myself. I decided to grow my own reishi mushroom, in part because I thought it would be amusing, and partly because I believed I’d be more connected to the fungal supplements I would eventually get from it. Once I was able to harvest my little patch, I wanted to know the best way to extract it, and the best time to take reishi to make it as effective as possible.

Reishi was my chosen contender of all the functional mushrooms that were feasible to grow in my apartment. Reishi has a reputation in supporting relaxation and preparing the body for restful sleep. These were two things I identified with, and have battled with, on and off, for years. After a some novice Googling, I decided to buy an already-myceliated patch online.

The first thing that surprised me about reishi was its physical properties. It’s very tough, like wood, and has a shiny, waxy skin. It also did not grow into the structure I had expected. Instead of the fan-and-stem formation typical of mushrooms, my reishi patch was looking more like an amorphous, antler-like form. As a person who has an affinity for the unconventional, this was a very satisfying result.

The Best Way to Take Reishi Supplements

In a fleeting three months, my reishi was ready to be harvested. Since I only had a small batch to work with, I wanted to do it right, without wasting any. With careful research, and testing it personally, I found that the easiest way to access its power is to make reishi into a tea. First you must dry the mushrooms as much as you can; laying them out in the sun is one way, or simply on a countertop. The fungus is tough, so using a coffee grinder or similar appliance is suggested to break up the dried mushroom as much as possible into a powder. Then simply toss the powder in a pot of water and simmer (about 5 grams per liter of water). The tea is extremely bitter, which is just a result of its awesome compounds—but definitely keep in that in mind, and consider mixing it with nut milk, honey, and whatever else you feel called to add.

While tea is the easiest form, tincture is best, since many of reishi’s compounds are in the form of triterpenes, which are not soluble in water. Our products are made from finely-ground, 100% organically grown fruiting bodies. These organically grown fruiting bodies go through an initial extraction and concentration process. Then this powdered reishi concentrate is used to make our products — whether it is a double extracted reishi tincture, our reishi calm capsules or our reishi calm gummies —so you can get the most powerful reishi products in the world. This fine powder allows maximum surface area exposure and maximum potency in our alcohol and water extractions. Having consumed reishi in all forms, I can attest to the superiority of tinctures over teas, but powders and gummies are equally beneficial. Another benefit of taking our variety of reishi calm products is that you can select the product that fits best into your daily routines at any time of day.


The Best Time to Take Reishi Supplements

The best time to take reishi is in the evening—after dinner, but close enough to bed time that you know those holy compounds are journeying through your circulatory system as you’re transitioning to a horizontal state. Of course, timing and dosage depends on the person and what goals you have in mind. Reishi also supports your immune system and circulatory system, so taking the mushroom before traveling, in the morning on a winter day, before entering a populated area, etc, is just as valid. Take a look at this timeline for a general suggestion of the best time to take reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and more!