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Where to Buy and How to Make Your Own Shroom Tincture

Where to Buy and How to Make Your Own Shroom Tincture . You know that mushrooms have so many incredible properties inside of them. 

The question is, how do you get them inside of YOU! 

There are three ways: cooking and eating mushrooms, creating a mushroom tea, or making a shroom tincture. 

If you want to use the method that is guaranteed to get the most mushroom goodness in you, then make or buy a shroom tincture! 

Mushroom Tincture Benefits 

Not only do mushrooms come in all shapes in sizes, they also each have unique benefits for the human body. 

For instance, reishi mushrooms support sleep, lion’s mane mushrooms support mental clarity, and cordyceps mushrooms support energy.* To see what specific mushrooms can do for you, check out Mushroom Revival’s Blog

Making a shroom tincture concentrates high levels of polysaccharides and triterpenes creating a more potently functional formula so you get the maximum level of all of these benefits. It also exponentially increases the shelf life of your mushrooms, so you can enjoy your shroom tincture over a long period of time. 

Why Must You Use a Double Extraction Process for Mushrooms? 

You have to use a double extraction process to make a shroom tincture because the beneficial properties of mushrooms include both water-soluble components, which are known as polysaccharides; and alcohol soluble components, which are known as triterpenes.

To include both components in your shroom tincture, and therefore maximize its functional benefits, you need to do a double extraction with water and alcohol extracts

How to Make Your Own Double Extraction Shroom Tincture

1.) Divide and Conquer 

The first step of creating a shroom tincture is collecting your mushrooms, either through foraging in the woods for them, harvesting mushrooms that you grew, or a quick trip to the grocery store. 

After you collect or harvest your mushroom fruiting bodies thoroughly wash them and then chop them into small pieces. Once they are chopped up, dry them using a screen or dehydrator. 

2.) Bring Alcohol to the Party 

Fill up a clean mason jar halfway with some of the dried mushrooms. Since dried mushrooms tend to expand, you need the extra room. 

Add 150-proof alcohol to the jar until the mushrooms are 3/4 covered. Top off the mixture with vegetable glycerin, just covering the mushrooms. 

Place a square of wax paper on top of the jar and then seal it with a lid. The square of wax paper will protect your tincture from absorbing the chemicals in the lid. 

Vigorously shake the jar until the alcohol and glycerin are combined. Make sure that the jar is sealed unless you want alcohol and mushrooms to fly everywhere.

3.) 6 Weeks Later…

Leave your jar alone, other than a gentle shake every day or every few days, for 4-6 weeks. Once it seems like the mushrooms have macerated, strain the liquid, catching the mushroom material and disposing of it. 

The alcohol extraction process is done! Time to move on to the water decoction. 

Measure the volume of your strained tincture. You’re going to want to set aside an amount of water that is double the volume of the strained tincture to make your decoction. 

4.) Turn up the Heat 

Combine your remaining mushrooms with the water you set aside in a crockpot. Heat on high heat for 6-12 hours, or on low heat for 8-24 hours. 

If you don’t have a crockpot, no worries, you can use the stovetop. Bring the water and mushroom mixture to a boil and then reduce the heat to low and simmer for 4 hours on the stove. 

Add water every now and then to make sure that the mushrooms remain covered and to make sure that the volume of your decoction stays equal to that of your tincture. 

5.) Finish Your Shroom Tincture

Once it’s done, allow the decoction to completely cool and then slowly pour the tincture into the decoction while steadily whisking it. Store the mixture in a tightly sealed, sanitized glass jar. As long as it’s kept in a cool, dark, place it will last for a while

Where to Buy Shroom Tinctures

If all of this seems like A LOT of work you can always buy a shroom tincture to benefit from the amazing properties of mushrooms. Mushroom Revival has some incredible tincture options to choose from: 

    • Mushroom Mix Daily 10 Tincture: Includes extracts from cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail, chaga, shiitake, tremella, meshima, and maitake mushrooms. This shroom tincture helps support immune functions, and occasional stress adaptability.*