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Who Is Carol Sutton? Outer Banks Tribute Explained

Who Is Carol Sutton? In 2021, Netflix released the highly anticipated second season of teen-mystery-drama Outer Banks.

It follows the soap opera–like journey of two groups of rival teens – one wealthy, one not. The groups are searching their North Carolina home for the buried treasure of their ancestors.

Amidst the forbidden romances and treasure-hunting intrigue, fans noticed an end credits dedication to a Carol Sutton after episode 6.

If you want to know more about who Carol Sutton was and how she was related to Outer Banks, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Who Is Carol Sutton?

Carol Sutton was an actor famous for her supporting roles in movies such as RayThe Help, and Steel Magnolias. She also acted in television series like Lovecraft Country and Outer Banks.

Sutton was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1944. She made her TV debut in 1974 as Vivian in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.

Carol was dedicated to her city, and so never relocated, even for more acting opportunities. But despite never moving, she continued to take on hundreds of acting roles while living in her beloved New Orleans.

Sutton was also a community activist and worked for over 40 years at Total Community Action. This organization helps disadvantaged families and special-needs children.

In 2021, Carol Sutton appeared on Outer Banks season 2 in episode 6, “My Druthers.” She played Pope’s great-grandmother who he calls Mee-Maw.

Actress Carol Sutton as Pope's nan Mee Maw in the Outer Banks TV show
arol Sutton as Pope’s nan Mee-Maw

It was one of the last roles Carol Sutton filmed before her death in 2020. Although it was her only appearance on Outer Banks, the production team dedicated the episode “My Druthers” to Carol.

What Happened To Carol Sutton?

Carol Sutton died from complications related to Covid-19 on December 10, 2020.

On November 10 of 2020, Carol and her daughter tested positive for COVID-19, according to NPR. Carol suffered from a fever and acute nausea the next day, then continued to get worse. Within a week she was hospitalized at Touro Infirmary.

Eventually, doctors moved her out of intensive care but she was still suffering from the effects of the virus. On Thursday, December 10th, Carol Sutton passed away while in the hospital.

At the end of her Outer Banks episode, the production team included an end credit title card that read “In loving memory of Carol Sutton.”

Who Did Carol Sutton Play In Outer Banks?

Carol Sutton played Pope’s great-grandmother Mee-Maw on Outer Banks. She appeared in episode 6 of season 2, “My Druthers.”

Although she was only in that one episode, Sutton’s character served an important purpose on the show.

Mee-Maw reveals an important piece of Pope’s backstory when he comes to visit her. She tells Pope that he’s a descendant of the creator of the Tannyhill Plantationwhere the Cameron family now lives.

This revelation shocks Pope and lights a fire under his search for the Cross of Santo Domingo. If he can find it, it could help avenge how the other island residents treated his ancestors.

Reactions To Carol Sutton’s Death

Although she wasn’t an A-list celebrity, Carol Sutton was well-respected among industry professionals and the people of New Orleans.

The mayor of New Orleans took to social media, comparing Sutton to theatrical royalty.

Fellow actors and friends remembered Carol as generous and “every day people” in an interview with NPR. An assistant director named Batou Chandler, who’d worked with Sutton several times, also shared his memories of Sutton.

According to him, if you worked with Carol once, you wanted to do it again.

“If there was a filming project in New Orleans,” Chandler said, “you knew it would damn well have a part for Carol Sutton.”

Carol Sutton’s character is sure to have a lasting impact on Outer Banks. And the actress herself clearly made an impression on the crew since they honored her at the end of her episode.